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Two things in life are certain, DEATH and TAXES. While no one likes to pay taxes, North Star can help you develop a tax plan to manage your taxes now and in the future. Along with your attorney, North Star can help you plan for incapacity and death.


While traditional tax planning focuses on reducing taxes today, our tax planning focuses on a balance between reducing taxes today and long-term tax efficiency. Through tax planning, all elements of the financial plan work together in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Things to consider are timing and size of income, purchases and expenditures, deductions, types of investments, and retirement contributions. Making sure there is a synergy between your taxes, investment, and financial plan may help you reduce your tax liability today and in the future. Contact us today to prepare an in-depth tax plan.

Services Offered

  • Income tax projections and calculations
  • Tax planning for business entities
  • Income taxation of trusts and estates
  • Tax reduction/management techniques
  • Tax consequences of property transactions
  • Passive activity taxation
  • Tax implications of special circumstances
  • Charitable/philanthropic contributions and deductions

Why North Star Advisory Group

There’s something more powerful than luck or coincidence to help bring financial independence within reach – planning.

As professionals dedicated to continuing education and a high standard of ethics, we leave nothing to chance. We coordinate with other trusted professionals to ensure seamless management of your assets with services that range from portfolio management, insurance, tax, estate, retirement planning and beyond.

The result is a unique plan that has the underpinnings of knowledge required to carry it forward, a plan that is thoroughly researched and vetted, yet flexible and responsive to life’s many transitions.

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