Investment Planning

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An investment plan is more than trying to pick the next hot stock. North Star can help you develop an investment plan tailored to your specific goals by selecting the right investments and the allocation of those investments.


Your investment plan should be tailored to your unique circumstance. This plan should consider your goals, risk tolerance, and current financial situation. Each plan is adjusted over time and is dependent upon your goals, market and economic factors and time horizon. Choosing the correct investment types, asset allocation and investments will help you achieve your financial goals. Contact us today to start your customized investment plan.

Services Offered

  • Analysis of investment risk
  • Quantitative and qualitative investment analysis
  • Analysis and tracking of investment returns
  • Asset allocation and portfolio diversification
  • Portfolio development and analysis
  • Investment strategies
  • Investment types – CDs, Bonds, Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds…
  • Alternative investments

Why North Star Advisory Group

There’s something more powerful than luck or coincidence to help bring financial independence within reach – planning.

As professionals dedicated to continuing education and a high standard of ethics, we leave nothing to chance. We coordinate with other trusted professionals to ensure seamless management of your assets with services that range from portfolio management, insurance, tax, estate, retirement planning and beyond.

The result is a unique plan that has the underpinnings of knowledge required to carry it forward, a plan that is thoroughly researched and vetted, yet flexible and responsive to life’s many transitions.

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